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Telecommunications are a fundamental factor for the development. Market opening and technological progress, open opportunities which require professionals capable to incorporate and develop changes in electronics and telecommunications in organizations.

This new scenario has led to the creation of new companies that must have infrastructure, new technologies, resource management strategies, interconnectivity and interoperability of data transmission networks.

The Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering graduate, is prepared to respond to labor market demands, not only with their knowledge, but with his spirit of leadership, to take the innovative initiative.


The Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering graduate is a bilingual (English or French), with high ethical values, trained to:

• Design and implement analog and digital electronic systems.
• Implement and monitor satellite communications and fiber optics.
• Being a leader in the study, preparation, evaluation and implementation of telecommunication systems using advanced technology.
• Design and implement data transmission networks (MAN and WAN).
• Develop telematics solutions.


• Digital and Analog Electronics
• Telecommunications and Transmission
• Information Systems
• Data Transmission Networks
• Generating companies

Total credits: 234

Subjects: 59

Duration: 9 semesters