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The program develops knowledge and integrated skills in electricity, electronics, mechanics, automation, mechatronics and informatics considering that one of the greatest challenges facing the national and international industry is the domain of advanced technology to achieve high quality manufactured products with high productivity, this being possible only with the integrated vision of the Electromechanical Engineering graduate. UPB strengthens the professional skills of these areas in their high-tech laboratories in mechatronics and industrial automation.


The Electromechanical Engineering graduate is a bilingual professional that has the knowledge, technology, methodology and professional skills to:

• Analyze, design, install and maintain electro-mechanical systems.
• Design and adapt technologies aimed at the automation of production processes of goods and services to meet the needs of large sectors of Bolivian society.
• Design and build power plants, transform substations, power lines, power grids and power distribution.
• Plan and optimize the maintenance in an industrial organization with emphasis on non-destructive diagnosis to minimize the associated costs.
• Design, optimize and control the manufacturing of machines, parts and equipment, aimed at modernizing the industry.
• Integrate technology in the area electrical, mechanical, computing, electronics, control and automation of what is known today as mechatronics.
• Promote human skills of leadership, proactivity, teamwork and flexibility to adapt quickly to technological changes.


• Mechatronics and Automation
• Industrial Maintenance
• Industrial Management
• Generation Business
• Electricity and Power Systems

Total credits: 220

Duration: 9 semesters