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Contactos Conócenos


The research team at CINTI is integrated by the Director, Associated Researchers, Research Assistants and Students.


Jens Bürger, Ph.D.
E-mail: jensburger@upb.edu
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PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Portland State University, USA, 2016)
Master of Science in Robot System Engineering (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, 2011)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Berufsakademie Mosbach, Germany, 2006)

Throughout his education and work life he developed expertise in Hard and Software design for Embedded Systems applied to industrial automation and robotics applications. Recently, he started applying his experience in modeling and simulation of unconventional computer architectures to agent-based systems for the investigation of socio-technical systems.

  • Embedded Systems
  • Unconventional Computer Architectures
  • Agent-Based Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems

Professional Experience

  • Lead Organizer of an independent Bolivian research initiative with focuses on computational methods (2017 - )
    • Promote interdisciplinary research based on the integration of computational methods in existing research efforts.
    • Development of research proposals
  • Research Assistant, Teuscher Lab, Portland State University (2012 - 2016)
    • Modeling and simulation of complex dynamical computing systems for classification and analysis of multivariate data sets.
    • Develop state-of the art time-series prediction systems based on a hierarchical architecture with heterogeneous networks.
    • Publish research findings at relevant conferences, journals, and workshops.
  • Research and Development Engineer, Murrelektronik GmbH, Germany (2006 - 2009)
    • Hard- and software development for embedded systems used in factory automation.
    • Leading expert in the development and integration of industrial Ethernet protocols.
    • Contribute and report to collaborative NSF and DARPA projects aimed at developing high performance, parallel computer architectures.
    • Project management and realization from prototype to production.


Research Assistant 
Ing. Miguel Carballo

Bachelor in Computer Science (Universidad Privada Boliviana)
Bacalaureat (Colegio Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús)

Software development Java, C#, PHP, Javascript

Profesional Activities
Research Assistant at CINTI since march 2016, working in research projects with Android and embedded systems (collaboration with the CIOE Research Center at UPB) and Web Data Visualization (collaboration with CEGIE Reseach Center)
Winner of the 2th Place at the National Science and Technology Prize (2015).


Associated Research 
Alexis Marechal Ph.D.
Telf: +591 (4) 216 5700


Associated Research
Alfredo Villalba Ph.D.


Former Collaborators:

  • Ing. Daniel Gray (Ecole Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL, Suiza)
  • Maximiliano Rasguido (Cloud Computing - Restful Services, Android)
  • Walter Torricos (RFID - NodeJS)
  • Oscar Sanjinez (OpenCV, NodeJS, OpenALPR)
  • Saul Condori (RFID, NodeJS)